Axxcss’s strategy from day one has been to build a global, diversified and profitable wireless communications company. This strategy differs from popular approaches that emphasize focus, pure-play and growth without profitability. Such a strategy was best recognized in January 2007 when General Electric acquired one of the Axxcss’s companies.

Axxcss’s strategy is founded on three principles: 

  1. innovative management of technology
  2. a deep understanding of customer needs
  3. compassion in all interactions

This strategy is executed in a corporate culture that emphasizes striving for excellence, a sense of urgency, multitasking, teamwork, integrity, rational decision making, and open communications.

Axxcss employees have done work in major research labs in the world and at Axxcss. As a result, Axxcss has insight into the numerous technological windows of opportunity. Anticipating and harnessing these opportunities and marrying multiple technologies across multiple disciplines while simultaneously complying with international standards, Axxcss has developed a large arsenal of wireless “Lego blocks”. It is this arsenal that allows Axxcss to have very short new product development cycles. The intelligence, flexibility, and modularity of these products provide customer value.

These innovative approaches are exemplified by Axxcss’s introduction of the world’s first all-digital studio-to-transmitter link, the world’s first spectrum scalable low/mid capacity digital radio, the world’s first portable digital video ENG link, the world’s first industrial WLAN product.

Our companies are among only a handful that developed complete 4G LTE Enode-B Base station and EPC completely in house. Our in-house semiconductor expertise covers both the RF and Baseband space. We are proud to have developed the world’s most-integrated RF ASIC that can be programmed in software to deliver 6-42 GHz modulator/demodulator and integrated-synthesizer functionality. Our baseband group has developed the world’s first microwave and millimeter modem SOC that can deliver multiple channels of bandwidths as large as 2 GHz encoded at 4096 QAM and delivering over 10 Gbps. These semiconductors are fueling a new generation of innovative and game-changing products our businesses are offering.